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Kati Casida uses handmade paper as an artistic medium and was one of the early artists to explore and establish the potential of this means of expression. In the seventies, artists were beginning to depart from the idea that paper could only be the substrate for imagery. They discovered that it was a substance that could be manipulated in a variety of ways and they gained a respect for its beauty and diversity that hitherto had been shared by few outside of Asia.

Kati has always been sensitive to the inherent qualities of her materials whether they be metal or paper. While her public sculptures rely more on the deliberate use of form and space, her paper peices exhibit an informed spontaneity; they are also more intimate and delicate, with inclusion of yarn, threads, woven parts, sticks and even pebbles of marble. Though often guided by a central idea such as nomadism in the Velvet Night Series, she is always ready to welcome the unforeseen. The newly made paper is protean matter that has an almost limitless ability to take on different forms. After the wet paper is pressed on the vacuum table, it invites improvisation; she folds, tears, or embosses the sheets following her intuition. As the paper air dries, it takes on the particular texture of whatever has been pressed against it. Kati finishes her pieces with painting and drawing that reflect her chosen theme.

Now, paper as a medium is no longer a novelty but an accepted art form employed by many artists internationally and, like them, Kati Casida is still inspired by this sensual and versatile material.

— David Kimball, Magnolia Editions

For further information about handmade paper, contact Kati by phone at (510) 845-4956 or by e-mail at kefi328@sbcglobal.net

Kati making paper
Kati makes her papers, assisted by David Kimball, Magnolia Editions, Oakland, CA. After making the shapes on the vacuum forming table, she allows them to dry with the layers of embossed materials and then finishes each piece in her studio.
Kati making paper
Sled Bundle (1989)
Handmade Paper, Horsehair, Woodcut Print
36 1/2" x 27"